When to Sell you New Braunfels Home by Laurie Jarrett, KW New Braunfels Realtor, (830) 515-0728

Don’t sell your house this summer! 

Written by Laurie Jarrett, Keller Williams New Braunfels Realtor®, 830-515-0728

Take notes, because you’ll definitely want to pass this information along to your friends who may be in your similar situation! Lately, it seems like I’m talking to more and more people who want to wait until this summer to sell their homes with me. Most of these would-be sellers have families and children, obligations and busy lives and they think selling in summer when the kids are out of school will be easier and their lives will be less interrupted.  Problem is, if you’re thinking this is the way to go, so is everyone else in your boat! If you’re one of these sellers, right now you have a white hot opportunity and you may not even realize you have some pretty great options.  Here are some benefits of selling your house now:

1. Selling now means you’ll make more profit. Selling now versus waiting until the summer could mean the difference in you making an extra $10,000! Because our active real estate listings in New Braunfels are so low right now this spring, selling your home now before summer means you’ll have the best opportunity to put more money in your pocket. It’s as simple as Economics 101 Law of Supply and Demand. If you wait until summer to list your house, you will be competing at a time when the most amount of homes are on the market in New Braunfels, buyers have more inventory to choose from, it will take you longer to sell, and you will ultimately net less money. What happens when supply is less than demand? You guessed it! With less competition on the market, you can be guaranteed to sell your home faster and for more money than if you wait until summer.

2. Selling now means you can have a Limited Showing Service.  That’s right, you have the advantage of being able to limit the number of days that your home is shown. This actually doesn’t hurt you when there is low inventory…it even makes the home a little more “exclusive” because people want what they can’t have! Agents and buyers will line up to see the house and the best thing that could happen is multiple buyers show up at the same time on the days that we do have it available for showings and that resulting in a multiple offer situation. Our Limited Showing Service Plan allows you to only show your home to prospective buyers on the weekend so that your life isn’t turned upside down during your busy week days!

3. You have the opportunity to stay in your home after it sells. Did you know that the Texas Real Estate Commission allows for a Seller’s Temporary Residential Lease to be added to real estate contracts?This allows me, in a market like this with low inventory, to negotiate as part of the contract that you get to stay in the house until the kids get out of school. That’s right! We can negotiate a leaseback from the buyer for up to 90 days after your closing!


When you Sell your New Braunfels area home with The Laurie Jarrett Group, you will win the selling game! We will come up with the marketing plan that will best suit your lifestyle, get your home in front of the most amount of buyers by creating your listing to be an online first showing and Virtual Open House, negotiate the terms that work the best for you, and ultimately net you the most amount of money in the least amount of time, with the least amount of stress to you. Sound good? Contact Laurie Jarrett, Keller Williams New Braunfels REALTOR® today at 830-515-0728, or lauriejarrettrealty@gmail.com.

**On a side note, I have to thank my business coach, Steve Collins, Zig Ziglar Certified Coach,  for his infinite wisdom and advice given to me from many years of successfully selling real estate in his own business. 


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