Written by Laurie Jarrett, New Braunfels TX REALTOR® and local enthusiast

I secretly want to be able to build anything.  Ok, well, it isn’t a secret.  I’m intrigued by the smell of lumber and a great hardware store.  I walk into ACE or Home Depot, take a deep breath and my feet magically take me to the power tools.  Some may say I’ve spent WAY too much time watching HGTV and the DIY network for my own good.  I did, after all, choose a career in real estate after being addicted to House Hunters for several years. I scour home improvement blogs for tips on how to refinish furniture, paint a wall stencil, and sew curtains.  So far, I’ve refinished one piece of furniture and the only power tool I’ve acquired is a hand-held sander.  But, a girl can dream.

Last fall, a client came to me for a referral for a contractor to help her update her duplex.  This was no small task.  The duplex smelled like 60 dogs had taken up residence and I don’t think it had been updated since Jimmy Carter was in office.  I wanted to shout, “I’ll do it!”  However, my fiduciary responsibility to my client, my lack of skills and my sander prevented me from uttering those words.  Instead, I said, “I know the perfect guy for you. Here’s his card.  His name is Nathan Feingold and he owns  New Braunfels Remodeling.  He’s my neighbor, a great guy, and I know he will be fair and honest.”

My client ended up calling Nathan and she had him busy through the Christmas holidays.  Since then, I’ve had a chance to see more of Nathan’s workmanship and am quite impressed. 

Check out this reclaimed barnwood ceiling that he created in his client’s home.  ( If I could marry a ceiling, this would be it I.Love.It.) .  Or, these textured concrete patios.  I’ll take four!

If you are in the mood for a little Spring updating, or you just need some things done around your house and your sander won’t suffice, call Nathan at (830) 237-1449 for a consultation and free estimate.  You’ll be glad you didn’t attempt that kitchen remodel on your own!

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