What to know when buying a home with a swimming pool in New Braunfels and surrounding areas. Written by Laurie Jarrett with Keller Williams Heritage, New Braunfels Real Estate Agent. 512-665-8181

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If you’re like me, you love New Braunfels and the entire San Antonio area for the many rivers, lakes and watering holes. Summer is synonymous with taking a dip in the nearest body of water, grabbing a tube to float a crystal clear river, or heading to the world’s best water park. If you’re also like me, you’ve dreamed about having your own little piece of paradise in your back yard.

My dreams of having my own swimming pool recently came true when my husband and I bought our new home with an inground pool already installed. I imagined the parties and barbeques we could have and how good it would feel in July’s 102 degree weather to come home from a hard day of showing and listing homes and fall into my pool…probably fully clothed!

While I knew what to expect when purchasing a New Braunfels house with a swimming pool, what wasn’t included in my dreams was any idea of what having a pool would cost or what is required to maintain it. I know nothing about valves and pumps and filters and even less about timers and alkaline levels and chlorine and acid. My head is spinning just thinking about it. When the thought of an automatic pool cleaner came to mind, we headed to the local pool supply company to check them out and were astounded that on the low end, we would pay $600. Whaaaa?????


Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my pool and just this past Sunday braved the extremely cool water with a brave 10-year-old in tow to test it out for the first time. I kept saying to myself and to my son,” How lucky are we?!?” But, owning it has already been a steep learning experience and I thought I would pass along some of my experience to you.

1. If you want to buy a home with a swimming pool in New Braunfels, be prepared to encounter competition and multiple offers. You aren’t the only one who wants a home that already has a pool. And, typically, Buyers are willing to pay between $20,000-$25,0000 more for a home with a pool than for a similar home sans inground swimming pool. Secondly, because they are few and far between below $500,000, expect a feeding frenzy when one does come on the market in the more affordable price ranges.

2. Get an inspection- It sounds like common sense, but spending an extra $100 helped uncover some issues that my untrained eyes didn’t see.

3. Pay the extra or negotiate with the seller to pay extra on the residential service contract for swimming pool coverage- Because you just never know, and already my repairs estimates have added up to nearly $500. An experienced real estate agent can help you with this.

4. Hire a reputable pool company- NB Pool Company came highly recommended to me and I haven’t been disappointed. I pay $185 per month for weekly service, treatment and cleaning. And, they’re so nice, even Phil gave me a rundown this morning of Polaris cleaners and what would be needed to install it. The glazed-over look in my eyes I’m certain prompted him to say,”Or, if you want to just buy it and leave it for me, I’ll hook it up for you and set the timer.” Thanks, Phil!
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These are just a few pieces of advice. If you’re interested in buying a home with a swimming pool or are a New Braunfels Home Seller who would like more information about our outstanding marketing tools, please call The Laurie Jarrett Group at 512-665-8181 or email Laurie at LaurieJarrettRealty@gmail.com.
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